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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between the CCI Series and the 7 Secrets Series?
    Can/Should I take them simultaneously?

    CCI Series contain step by step music theory, explanation of chords, analyzing songs in their chord progressions & rhythmic patterns. Different LH and RH piano techniques are shown to show you how you can play songs in different styles and rhythmic exploration.

    7 Secret Series & its modules are practical piano workshops with step-by-step video instructions to help students acquire the proper mind set to apply music theory to their piano playing, and to help students acquire the actual skills into their hands and fingers. Specific attention is given to playing different types of chords at the piano; how these chords can be played in songs and improvisation; how to change the atmosphere of a song with different techniques; how to apply all these techniques and chord theories into playing songs.

    Yes, you can take both simultaneously.

  2. What is the difference between the 7 Secrets Roadmap and the Modules?

    The 7 Secrets Roadmap gives you an overall picture of how a piano player plays in the flow. Topics that are covered are: Right Focus, Right Brain Creativity, Hand Coordination, Rhythm, Function of the different fingers.

    Modules are practical week to week video tutorials that show you how to acquire different piano skills such as: creating runs and fills, playing rhythmically with syncopated notes, forming all triads, 7th Chords, 9th Chords etc. at the piano without referring to chord chart, and different piano techniques to play in the flow.

  3. When learning from the 7 Series Modules, can I just pick and choose any module to work on? Or do I have to take them in sequence?

    If you are a beginner, start with Module A and work your way down the Modules. If you already know how to play, pick the modules that are of interest to you.

  4. I am a beginner, where do you suggest I start with your courses?
    Take the Following Steps:
    1. Color Chord Improvisation (CCI) Volume 1, Volume 2, and Play By Ear Volume 1
    2. 7 Series & Module A
    3. Module B & C
    4. Module D1, D2 & D3 - 7th and 9th Chords
    5. Module E - Basslines

  5. I only want to learn how to play from fake books, which courses do you recommend?
    1. Color Chord Improvisation (CCI) Series
    2. 7 Secrets Roadamp & All Modules
    3. Reharmonization Series

  6. I only want to learn to play by ear, which course do you recommend?
    1. PBE Volume 1
    2. 7 Secrets Roadmap & all Modules
    3. Reharmonization Series

  7. It looks like you use hymns in your Color Chord Improvisation (CCI) Method. If I don’t know any hymns, will I be able to follow the courses?

    Yes, I use hymns as my basis in CCI. These are classical hymns which most people know. For each song that I use, I provide a score sheet. You can easily follow along. I also provide a midi audio file plus my own playing for each song so that you can hear what they sound like. These hymns are very catchy tunes and are very easy to learn, so there is no problem for you to use this series.

    What you learn here about piano playing can apply to all genre of songs. The most important thing is to digest the principles that you learn about music theory and understand how to apply the piano techniques to many other songs. If you can play one song well by applying the music principles and techniques, you can actually play hundreds of songs.

    Your result is manifold IF you know how to approach piano playing correctly.

  8. I find your method very original and unconventional, will I be able to take your course along with other piano courses?

    All music theory is basically the same, it is the approach that is often different. I try to shorten the learning curve for beginners so that learning music is fun and doable. Though my approach is non-traditional, you will gain a lot of new insights as you proceed in the lessons. Sure, it will be a complement to your other piano courses.

  9. Will Play By Ear (PBE) teach me how to pick out melodies, and/how to choose the right chords?

    I introduce an Asian Numeric music notation to help you see music in a simplified yet complete view so that you can see music as patterns, and be able to use this number system to understand how music works in a song. From there, you also learn how to pick out melodies with the harmonizing chords. In the PBE series, you can take your skill to an advanced level by learning how to play in all 12 keys. What's more PBE is a great course for advanced piano players to learn color tones because you need to register scale tones in your head, and then be able to extend this concept to extension chords which will be shown in PBE Volume 2.

  10. I am interested in the levels of your courses. Can you briefly tell me what they are?
    • CCI Volume 1 - Beginners to Intermediate
    • CCI Volume 2 - Intermediate
    • PBE Series - Beginners to Advanced
    • 7 Secrets Roadmap - Beginners to Advanced
    • 7 Secrets Module A - Beginners
    • 7 Secrets Module B - Beginners to Advanced
    • 7 Secrets Module C - Beginners to Intermediate
    • 7 Secrets Module D1, D2, D3 - Intermediate
    • 7 Secrets Module E - Intermediate

  11. Are all your courses available in download format?

    Yes, all my courses are easy to download. The videos are in high resolution wmv format. The books are in pdf format. As soon as you buy, you will be given a page for immediate download.

  12. About the 7 Secrets Modules: it says that they last 6 weeks. Do I get the course in the span of 6 weeks?

    When I started the Modules, I had in mind to present the video lessons week by week only. Since then, students have requested to have complete download of the whole course as they want to see what is ahead of them. I am now providing this feature whereby students get both: immediate download for the whole Module on week 1, PLUS week by week email guidance to all 6 weeks of video lessons.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email Rosa.

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